• The End of Dayz Clan (EODz) is a non-competitive adult gaming clan. Non-competitive does not mean we don’t attempt to win in matches, hold voluntary practice sessions, or share information to make us more competitive. It does mean, regardless your gaming abilities, you will not be excluded from any clan activities or gaming sessions. We will not ask people to leave parties because of their gaming ability. Everyone is welcome to game with us.

• We will not tolerate racial comments, sexual harassment, or any other form of personal attacks against members or non-members at any time. 

• It is not appropriate, while on our website or in parties exclusively with our members, to promote other clans or invite our members to your other clan’s functions. It is also inappropriate to wear a another clans tag or identifier when playing with EODz members.

• While in the EODz, members will not hack, boost, glitch, modify hardware, use modded controllers, or any other method of attempting to gain an unfair advantage in online, multiplayer competitive games.  This includes modding hardware to play copied games or bypass fees associated with online play. 

• The website is a public and member occupied space, controlled by the clan’s administration and moderators. We reserve the right to lock or remove any post made on our website, at any time, when we deem it inappropriate. We also reserve the right to ban any individuals who say or write anything here or in a public space, that may cause harm to the EODz.

• We are an adult clan. We no longer admit applicants under 18 years of age.  If you wish to game with children and those under our age requirements, please do so outside of our parties.  You can game with who you wish, but please respect our members wishes of gaming with adults.  Its perfectly acceptible to invite clan members into your party if you are gaming with children, just let them know there are young members in the party.  The clan member then can decide if they wish to remain.  We are in no way trying to limit who you play with, we are just attempting to prevent our adult behavior from accidentally bleeding into the underage lobbies.  
We may sponsor parent/child gaming times at our discretion.

• If you have a problem with a fellow member, bring it to the attention of the administrators or moderators; privately. You may do this in a private message to an administrator or moderator; or by the Contact Us link on the website. Under no circumstance, enter into an argument with another member, or make derogatory statements about another member in one of our public spaces; including forums and online parties.

• Adult family members may become members without following all the procedures needed by new, unknown applicants. Speak with an administrator or moderator about what they need to do, to become members.

• Regardless of the method of entry into this clan; all members must follow our code of conduct.